Before turning thirty I fell into a funk. All I did was cart around three kids to various activities and daydream about having a “real” job. I knew in my heart my job as a mother was real, but my head told me I should be contributing to society in a better way. But what’s a better contribution than hardworking and kind human beings? (and I know I’m still working because they aren’t always hardworking or kind, yet.)

I finally realized what I needed to feel whole wasn’t devoting myself entirely to being a mother, and only that, but to work on my own passions and follow my whims. Just like you can’t ignore your marriage while you raise your kids, you can’t ignore yourself and focus on everyone else. You’ll disappear.

I love stories. I love capturing emotions. I love reliving memories through words and images. So what you’ll find throughout this website are those exact things.

My life in images and words.

My imagination inside my books.