Nine year olds



What strange creatures nine year olds are.

They say things like hacked when they really mean cheated, and claim fellow online gamers are using bots to get ahead.

They yell and jump around when they are excited about something trivial, and they run away to slam doors for the most minimal slight or injustice. Screaming You’re so mean! and It’s just not fair! when they don’t really understand.

They’re gross and give no shits about their personal hygiene, but if you make them bathe they come up with a million reasons why it’s unnecessary.

They argue when you tell them stop talking, they stress when you tell them to clean a room, the flip out if they can’t find their shoes–and it’s so obviously you’re fault that they’re no where to be found.

They’re easily embarrassed and spottily responsible. And they have horrible taste in music.

But they are at least pretty amusing while they’re growing into their own personalities. Otherwise we’d ship them off to boarding school.

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