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I have one tiny book tower and I’ve finally filled it up to the point I need a new one. I love the look of it, but there are hidden books behind the edges, so I have to bring the books to the ledge and squeeze them together.

I have a whole shelf dedicated to Harry Potter (of course) and above that is my Snape wand and Slytherin scarf (I was sorted into Slytherin!). My sister got me the Dobbie book end and I love him <3.

The second shelf has a few of my favorites: Prized and Promised by Caragh M O’Brien, two of the long titled books by Jennifer E Smith, and Graceling and Fire by Kristin Cashore. I haven’t finished the Veronica Mars book (I know! Who am I??).

The third shelf shows I have no order to my shelving, but that’s what happens when I’m missing books I need to purchase. I haven’t read most of the ones on the third shelf, but I’m working on them!

The next shelf is mostly my husband’s books and some I’ve borrowed from my sister. I’ve already decided I’m getting the new cover art for the Abhorsen Series when Clariel comes out. All in Hardback, because I prefer hardback books.

The last shelf is non-fiction, mostly parenting books that I hoped would help me wrangle my children into productive little humans. Apparently, you have to DO more than you READ. 😉

Then off to one side are my library books. The books I tend to get, read a few pages, and lose somewhere in the house. I also over estimate how many of those I can get done in three weeks. I’m an optimist.

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