I try to find music with little to no lyrics, or in a different language because I tend to sing along to things I know and forget that I’m writing. 🙂

With Harrow, I needed to creep myself out and the music I chose had to have noise and effects that made me jump out of my seat.

If it wasn’t creepy, I wanted it to make me really feel something.  I had a few go to stations on Pandora to feed me new music too. Lux Aeterna was definitely my favorite.

While looking for songs, I came across two new (to me) bands that are now some of my all time favorites: Digital Daggers and The Good Natured.  They are so amazing, just listen and I know you’ll agree.

And almost as cool as finding new bands, is finding an awesome cover by a band you love.  Flyleaf’s cover of What’s this was that for me.

I’m so sad I can’t put one of my favorite songs on the spotify list! It’s the amazing inspiration for the Pandora station, Lux Aeterna from the Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack. I don’t know how it feels when someone who hasn’t seen that movie hears it, but when I listen to it I get all weird feeling. Goosebumps and cold chills, from remembering the movie I think. I really love that song.

These are just some of the things I listened to while writing and editing.

(Originally posted at JuliababyJen’s Reading Room during the Harrow Blog Tour)

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