Before I finished writing my first book, I spent a lot of my time photographing everything around me–especially my children.

Storytelling isn’t something you just do with words, and that’s what I love about photography.  A picture can say so many things with just one glance.

I prefer to spend my time doing creative things, rather than business things, so my specialized storytelling sessions aren’t something I do in abundance.  I spend most of my time documenting my children’s lives, but I love getting to meet special families and getting to spend time documenting what makes them so great.

If a storytelling session is something you’re interested in, please contact me. I only take a few a year to dedicate time to my family first. When I have a session I spend hours meticulously editing the images and album that goes with the images, because I’m a perfectionist.  So, to balance my life, these are an exclusive service.

The sessions include a custom designed, high quality photo album, and digital images. Sessions are eight-hundred and fifty dollars. Inquire below with your specific needs and I’ll contact you within 72 hours.


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